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Piano Lessons for kids in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena.

A unique combination of fun, excitement and solid music education! For over 30 years, Piano Play Music Systems has enriched the lives of children and families through exceptional music education. Our teaching methods enable everyone to have a ton of fun in our weekly classes.

We incorporate comprehensive interactive techniques and parent participation to teach music theory and performance skills. The results? Exciting, enjoyable music classes that help kids learn about the fundamentals of composition and expressive playing!

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Layered Learning Environment (LLE)®

Many early childhood music programs mix widely varying ages. Our proprietary Layered Learning Environment (LLE)® uses a unique multidisciplinary teaching approach to building music skills combined with age-appropriate curriculum which successfully allows children to engage and develop skills in:

  • Ear training
  • Music theory
  • Note reading
  • Expressive singing
  • Rhythm understanding
  • Keyboard playing
  • Academic preparation

To foster this type of learning, we maintain small piano class sizes with a minimum of four and a maximum of eight students. Private instruction for piano lessons are also available for continuing students, older beginners and adults.

“The books are easy to follow, and classroom instruction is structured for the children.”

Outstanding Piano Instructors

Our piano instructors are trained intensively in the Piano Play system for four to six months. This program is a hands-on training in the classroom with another master instructor. Our esteemed instructors hold a minimum of two – three years of college level courses in music theory or performance, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Music.

Additionally, our quality instructors are prepared to work with special needs situations with adaptive lessons. We have a staff psychologist who keeps us on the leading edge of psychological research in music as it relates to the wellbeing of children and their education.

To learn more about how we can nurture your child’s love of music at Piano Play and sign-up for a free preview of a group class, contact us at (818) 789-6110 or [email protected]