Piano Recitals

Performances that bring Harmony to all!

Winter 2021 Recital Dates:

Sunday, January 17th, 2021 – *Tentatively

Giving Your Child the Recognition They Deserve for Their Hard-Work! Piano Play believes the best way to foster self-esteem in children while applauding their hard work is to encourage them to showcase their talents in a recital. We provide two annual group and private piano recitals each year. The recitals are held in the winter and in the spring. Outside recitals, competitions, mall and community performances are also available for private students throughout the year.

Students registered in our Music Tales, Roofuss Reports and LaRue McDoosen group classes are prepared to play one piano solo, sing ensemble songs with their class and or final group song. Our private recitals will entertain everyone with a variety of styles that include Classical, Jazz and Pop.

Performing students range from beginners to advance. Our recitals generally last one hour and a modest recital fee is charged, allowing students to invite family and friends for free. Recitals are held off campus.


or call us at (818) 789-6110 to ask for cost and details.

“The twice per year recitals where the students perform on stage are great for their self esteem.”