Piano Lessons and Instruction Designed for Children 19 Months to 4.5 Years

A fun and fundamentally sound introduction to piano!

The Lowey Hija & Friends Program introduces children to music in a creative fun way.

The Lowey Hija program introduces our innovative teaching method which encourages young children to develop their musical gifts and academic skills. Our fun and nurturing approach to teaching will keep your young toddler excited about learning different musical instruments, keyboard skills, note reading, ear training, and rhythm understanding through the usage of storytelling, puppetry, innovative games, singing and body movement. This progressive 30-minutes program consists of four age based books and four audio song CD’s. We maintain small class sizes and require a parent or guardian to participate.

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Piano Lessons for toddlers in Sherman Oaks and Pasadena:

  • Left to right reading
  • Introductory math
  • Focus
  • Body awareness
  • Motor coordination
  • Problem solving
  • Pattern sequencing
  • Turn-taking

Lowey Hija & Friends Prep Classes

Typically for ages 19 months to 2 years old

A 30-minute class specially designed to help toddlers discover fundamental music skills and nurture their love of music through ear training, singing and keyboard playing.

Music goals for this prep book:

  • Body awareness
  • Introducing listening skills
  • Recognition of percussion instruments
  • Finger prep exercises
  • Basic keyboard understanding
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“The best! My son has been attending the Sherman Oaks location for nine years since he was 3 years old.”

Lowey Hija & Friends Book 1 Classes

Typically for ages 2 to 3 years old

Music goals for book 1:

  • Advanced listening skills
  • Recognition of instruments in the orchestra
  • Introduction of basic rhythm terms
  • Basic keyboard skills
  • Recognition of basic music terms
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Lowey Hija & Friends Book 2 Classes

Typically for ages 3 to 4 years old

Explores the early stages of note reading and basic rhythmic patterns. Keyboards, percussion instruments and creative materials and methods strengthen these skills while cultivating general music appreciation.

Music goals for book 2:

  • Explores the early stages of note reading
  • Introduces basic rhythmic patterns
  • Introduces pattern sequencing
  • Early ear training
  • Introduces more basic music terms
  • Introduces simple finger exercises for keyboard playing
  • Advances student’s recognition of instruments in the orchestra
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Lowey Hija & Friends Book 3 Classes

Typically for ages 3.5 to 4.5 years old

Provides a comprehensive review of listening skills, focusing skills, body awareness, finger dexterity and pattern recognition. Note reading, hand-eye coordination and note placement on the staff are the main objectives of this class. The goal for this class is for students to read and play simple three note patterns using Do, Re and Mi. The foundation built in the Lowey Hija program prepares students for the kindergarten program, “Music Tales”.

Music goals for book 3:

  • Advances students in note reading and playing through simple music phrases
  • Introduction to music notation
  • Advanced ear training
  • More advanced finger exercises for keyboard playing
  • More advanced pattern sequencing
  • More advanced music terms
  • Advances student’s recognition of instruments in the orchestra

At the completion of the Lowey Hija program, students are prepared for the kindergarten program, “Music Tales”.

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